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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trust Global Health?

Can I Trust Global Health? Yes, you can trust Global Health for your immigration physical exam. Led by Dr. Lishan Kassa, a highly experienced medical professional with a background in holistic healthcare and community advocacy, Global Health is dedicated to providing reliable and thorough medical evaluations for immigration purposes. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that you receive accurate assessments and compassionate care throughout the examination process, giving you confidence in meeting immigration requirements.

What Is An Immigration Medical Exam And Why Do I Need To Complete One?

Generally, all applicants filing for immigrant visas and some non-immigrant visas, refugees and adjustments of status to that of a permanent resident, must submit Form I-693 completed by a designated Civil surgeon. Form I-693 is used to report results of a medical examination to USCIS. The examination is required to establish that you are not inadmissible to the United Status on public health grounds. A Medical exam is generally confined to a standard physical exam including blood and urine tests and x-rays, prior medical records as well as the applicants’ mental state is examined.

What Should I Bring For The Immigration Physical Exam?

1. Photo identification: Passport or other government-issued ID with a photo 2. Vaccination records: Bring all written vaccine records. Records must be written in English. It is your responsibility to provide reliable English translations of all the vaccination records. Must bring white COVID vaccination card – photo is not acceptable. 3. I-693 form: Must be filled out in BLACK INK ONLY. The applicant must complete Part 1 & Part 2 and fill in your name on the top of pages 2-13. If the applicant requires the form to be prepared for them and/or needs an interpreter, that individual must be present with the applicant at both appointments. 4. Method of payment: We accept credit card or cash. Per USCIS, the charge for this examination must be paid for by the applicant. Health insurance will not pay for this service. Payment of $200 plus the cost of any vaccines given on the first appointment is due at the end of the first appointment.

What Happens After The Medical Exam?

After the medical exam is complete, the Civil surgeon will certify the results on the appropriate forms and place them in a sealed envelope with label on the back – “DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE.” Do not accept it if it is not in a sealed envelope. USCIS will return the form to you if it is not in an envelope or if the envelope has been opened or altered. You, the applicant, not the Civil surgeon, are required to submit the Form I-693 to USCIS. You need to turn in your envelope with your immigration application. Follow the instructions on or included with the application or the instructions given to you by the office requesting the medical examination. The results of the medical examination are generally valid for only 24 months. Applicants should schedule the medical examination as close as possible to the time they file for adjustment of status, but provide for sufficient time for the performance of laboratory testing or additional testing required under CDC’s Technical Instructions.

How To Book An Appointment?

Press the Appointment button. Or Walk-In Address : 6395 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312


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